Total Auto Solutions wants to help you sell your abandon vehicles. Our program is specially designed for your business. We know how busy you can be, so we will do all the work.

We will review all of your released vehicles on a weekly basis.

All drivable vehicles are dropped at our high traffic retail lot.

All vehicles are cleaned, and minor repairs are completed.

Vehicles are uploaded to our web site, Carsoup, and Craig's List with descriptions and photos.

We have an exclusive contract to upload your parts vehicles to an online auction with 50 major Auto Recyclers. (50 current and expanding)

Total Auto will send out a representative to review and grade your released vehicles.

A: Drivable vehicle.

B: Damaged, but reasonably repairable to be drivable.

C: Parts vehicle not repairable, but have lots of recyclable parts.

D: Junk-Scrap Only.

A and B vehicles can be brought to Total Auto's retail lot and uploaded on our web site, Carsoup, and Craig's List.

C vehicles are inventoried at YOUR lot and uploaded for sale on our live auction site where 50 major recyclers bid on your vehicles.