We sell damaged, and undamaged vehicles of all types.

We can help sell your donated vehicles no matter what condition they are in. Our goal is to get you the highest possible return for your vehicles.

How can we help you?

We prescreen the vehilces to determine if the vehicle is:

    A) Drivable

    B) Damaged, but reasonably repairable to be drivable

    C) Parts vehicle not repairable, but lots of recyclable parts

    D) Junk-Scrap only

We handle the transportation of the vehicles.

If needed we do minor repairs to the vehicles.

We clean vehicles inside and out.

Place them at our 120 vehicle secured lot.

Upload vehicles to multiple web sites.

Make vehicles available for showing 6 days a week.

We do all the title, and paperwork.

Collect, and guarantee all the funds.

Our 24 years of experience has shown a clean vehicle that is well marketed and is easy to view (online or in person) will bring you the highest return for your organization.