We can help sell your repossessed vehicles no matter what condition they are in. We specialize in selling damaged and undamaged vehicles. Our goal is to get you the highest possible return for your vehicles.

Total Auto provides banks and credit unions an unmatchable choice of programs to maximize their return on damaged repossessions. We provide 100% of the documentation that may be needed future litigation and will photograph all physical damage. All reports are done by an experienced appraiser or mechanic. Each report will include cost of parts and labor it will take to rehab the vehicle back to a "reasonable condition".

Where there is collision or comprehension coverage enforced, Total Auto will negotiate the amount of the damage with the insurance company. In a majority of the cases the insurance company has increased their payout by 30 to 50%.

Total Auto then gives you a choice of our "cash out" program or our "online" sales outlet. Either way you are assured a high return with no or very low fees.

Either program will guarantee you a HIGH return at a LOW cost.

Cash Out Program:

Many of our customers use this program on a damaged vehicle that they do not want to incur additional expenses such as towing or buyers and sellers fees; which will run in excess of $500-$700 at all local auctions. Total Auto will look up the NADA value and will pay the value less any damages. No questions asked.

Online Sales:

Total Auto will Pick up the damaged vehicle and market it to our large customer base. Your vehicle will be listed on several major auto sites PLUS we make it available to 100 recyclers located throughout the Midwest.

Total Auto Solutions Guarantees all funds and does 100% of the title work.